A Montana Flyfishing Guide in Norway

As my guiding season draws to a close, Brendan a former flyfishing guide in Montana, wanted on his first ever trip to Norway to catch a Norwegian fish on the fly. As simple as that!

We set the destination for the picturesque river at Evje on the hunt for the three salmonoids there. The bleka (a small landlocked salmon), a marble trout variant (the only one outside of the Balkans) and the uniquely red speckled brown trout.

Fly lobbing

Casting a heavy nymph into autumn waters.

Well the day proved to be tough. With the autumn cool setting in and the higher water levels, the fish were slow and we had to go deep with heavy nymphs. On the third cast, a slim brownie came to hand. After some time my Yarn indicator gave up floating and no amounts of ginking could revive it. So Brendan pulls out his Thingamebobber (sight indicator) just in case. An awesome piece of kit, that if it sank on the rare occasion due to drag, would immediately pop back up again. We spent hours staring at that orange blob, it was rather mesmerizing to be honest. It awoke kindled memories from my younger years when I spent hours watching and waiting for the float which suspended a hook impaled maggot, to disappear into the abyss.

Blob watching...

Spot the orange blob. It’s there…

The Thingamebobber disappeared many times. A lot of missed bites but Brendan managed to connect with four red speckled brown trout. The other two unique fish, ever illusive.

A typical Evje brownie. Look at all of those red spots!

A typical Evje brownie. Look at all of those spots!

I left Brendan to continue his Norwegian explorations, before he was to continue onto Iceland, and a spot of fishing there too (lucky devil).

It was fantastic sharing experiences with another experienced guide, and I am glad he loved my part of Norway. He said his was more than satisfied after the first fish – brilliant!


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