Coarse fishing

Although Norway isn’t know as a great destination for coarse fishing, we do have great stocks of diverse coarse fish in isolated lakes. Sitting in tranquil mostly untouched nature waiting for your orange tipped float to disappear or the tip of your rod to swing around, is possibly some of the most relaxing yet exciting fishing that can be experienced. 


A typical Southern Norwegian lake.

The most common coarse fish is probably either the perch (Perca flavescens) or the rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus). In most lakes where these species are found, the numbers are so great that you can’t not catch fish. This provides great sport for the less patient fisher especially children. They’re almost always willing to bite and ready to hit a tasty morsel that’s presented in front of them. Although the rudd doesn’t tend to grow to great sizes there are some lakes that house the more exotic golden rudd. The perch however have been caught in excess of 3.3lbs(1.5kg) though the average perch is generally smaller.

A fine perch from one of the many lakes.

Our guide Johan with a fine perch.

Not so common but present in some lakes are the very strong and hard-fighting tench (Tinca tinca), common carp (Cyprinus carpio). We’ve also crucian carp (Carassius carassius) in one lake too.

Lars with a wild carp. Photo creditability: Asmund Aasheim

Lars with a wild carp. Photo cred: Asmund Aasheim


A tench caught on bot-rig fished sweetcorn.

A tench caught on bot-rig fished sweetcorn.

Other fish that make a particular exciting catch are the ornamental koi carp, goldfish and golden orfe (Leuciscus idus).

One of the many Golden orfe inhabiting some of the lakes here

One of the many Golden orfe inhabiting some of the lakes.

So if you’re an avid coarse angler or just wanting to catch lots of exciting fish, then Southern Norway also has something for you too!