Environmental Promise


”The environment is not only our playground, but our future.”

Ryan Marchese, AnglerPilot 2015

 That is why AnglerPilot does it’s upmost to be eco-friendly in our practices.

Footprint: All activities attached to our guiding are undertaken in a manner that leaves the smallest possible footprint in nature.

Transport: AnglerPilot’s transport is a Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid. The only ’environmentally friendly’ 4×4 with the distance capabilities that we need in our service (at time of writing). The batteries are charged by 100% renewable electricity.

Food: We do our upmost to use local ecological food or food directly from the wild.

Catch and Release: We respect the fact that we must treat fish stocks with care to experience great fishing for many years to come. We may take a fish for lunch where the fish stocks support it but practice ’Catch and Release’ as much as possible. We naturally respect the customer’s wish to either strict C+R or to take a fish or two, though everything in moderation.

Support local businesses: We see the importance of supporting and developing the local economy, and therefore buy as much as possible from local sources and businesses. We want the side-effects of our practices to help others grow.

Giving back: We donate a percentage of our pre-tax gross income to ’Save the Wild Salmon Trust’.

Inspiring New Generations: During the year, we have a local cost free event to promote fishing. The inspiration of existing fishers or the recruiting of new members to our sport is essential in securing the future of both nature and the sport we all love.

Recycling: All the waste which is a direct product of our activities, is sorted and recycled.

Use to the end: As we base all that we do on quality, the products in our service must reflect this fact. When we deem it necessary, used products are either sold-on or given away to be used to it’s full extent. We don’t believe in the ’use and throw away’ way of living.