Fly Fishing Course for Beginners in Stavanger

If there is one thing I really enjoy, and that’s being able to share the vast amount of flyfishing knowledge one accumulates after being a fanatical flyfisherman for the past 20 years. So when Espen from Fiskeboden in Stavanger invited me up to hold a flyfishing course for beginners, I was glad to help.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Fiskeboden in Stavanger, Norway, pop in on thursday afternoons, when the otherwise internet shop opens it’s doors. A traditional Norwegian barn hosts what most fisherman that loves fishing tackle find intriguing. A medium size room with a small and open corridor in the middle leads you into a larger room. Fishing tackle from floor to over a man’s height. You name, it’s there….well it certainly feels like that way.

Well back to the course. At 9am sharp, I had the pleasure of greeting 6 gentlemen, all more than willing to become flyfishermen. The first two hours were used to introductive flyfishing theory covering everything from tackle, to useful knots, to how to find fish in lakes and rivers, to ‘Catch and Release’ etc.


For those that didn’t have their own equipment from before, got the opportunity to buy what they needed for a special course price – 50% off! So with everyone around the table, we went on to putting everything together, ready for casting.

After lunch we set course to a nearby football pitch to learn the famous and often feared ‘flycast’. After just an hour of learning and guidance, all were impressively good and near perfect loops danced through the air.

With new learnt skills, we headed to Mekjarvika where the pollack or always more than ready to grab the fly.


After they had caught some fish, I left them hopefully full of motivation to use their new learnt skills on future fishing trips. Congratulations to all that attended, it was nothing but a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to maybe meeting you in the future.

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