Game Fishing

Game fishing in Norway. Naturally beautiful, clean and rugged. Imagine catching 100% wild fish in untouched surroundings, making sushi or cooking your catch on an open fire for an energy boost. Fishing trips made extra special with elk, reindeer, capercaille, partridge, arctic hare, the list goes on. Well that’s exactly how it is. If you haven’t already understood, Norway is a fishing heaven.

The Rivers

Large and powerful water regulated rivers, smaller spate rivers and streams. Salmon (Salmo salar), sea-run brown trout (Salmo trutta), brown trout (Salmo trutta), american brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), the common whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus).

One can choose between Mandalselva/Mandal River, the Otra river, the Søgne – Songdalselva/river, the Audna river or the Topdalselva/Topdals river to fish the choice really is yours.


The atlantic salmon is what attracts most people to our Norwegian rivers, time after time. There’s no problem understanding why, as these splendid hard fighting fish that are often referred to as the ‘King of the river’ are at the top of most people’s fishing list.

The rivers of Southern Norway are primarily grilse rivers with fish averaging 1-4kg (2.2-8.8lbs). But don’t let that fool you, as each year 14kg (31lb) fish are caught in the larger rivers and as when AnglerPilot guide Johan caught this fish in 2015, 20kg (44lbs) fish swim in our waters too!

johan record salmon

Mandalselva salmon fishing guide: read here…..

Our rivers also boast a healthy population of sea-run brown trout each year with average fish weighing in around 0.5-1 kg (1.1lb-2.2lb) with the larger specimens reaching 5-6kg (11lb-13.2lb).

big sea trout

Rivers are not just reserved for salmon. For example Norway’s American brook trout record was taken in Mandalselva. A beautiful specimen of 2.3kg or 5lb. There has been observed larger, but not yet caught.

Or the unique Bleka (Salmo salar L). A relic landlocked salmon from the last Ice Age. The fish is so unique, that is only found in 6 waterways in the whole world. Read more here…


If that’s not enough, then the same waterway houses another unique fish. A brown trout but with marble trout markings. The only marble trout variant found outside of the Balkans!

If that’s still not enough, all rivers are generously populated with brown trout, with some fine examples reaching 3-4kg (7-8lbs).


Norway plays home to approximately 450000 lakes! From lowland lakes to mountain lakes, huge, vast, deep lakes all the way down to a pond, almost every one is full with brown trout! In the area which I guide it’s not just brown trout that inhabit these waterways. You can experience other game fish like American brook trout and arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus). You really won’t get bored, I promise you!


Just to give you an idea of what the lakes hide. Brown trout of upto 9kg (20lbs) but on a general basis, brown trout of 300g-500g (0.5-1lb) with plenty of larger examples for good measure.


I must emphasise that seeing another fisherman is a novel rarity as opposed to the norm.

The Sea

The Sea. Super clear turquoise water breeds host to an array of fish species but for the game angler our sea-run brown trout is the goal. Stocks are plentiful and the fish can grow to dazzling sizes.
I’ll paint the picture. You are standing there, rod in hand on the cleanist sandy beach, the clearest blue water. Rugged, rocky and green behind you, casting a fly out to multiple sea trout!


As with the lakes, seeing another fisherman is a novel rarity as opposed to the norm.

The Mountains

If you want to take it a step further, get away even futher from people and closer to untouched waters, we have the mountains. Unpopulated, maybe a stray cabin here and there, miles and miles from the nearest civilisation. Just an hour from the myself and Norway’s Riveria.


The experience of catching trout for dinner, picking blueberries and cloudberries for dessert and drinking the cleanist of water straight from mountain streams. This is what is on offer and it doesn’t get much better than this!

So as you may have noticed, Norway and the area to which we are situated has a wealth of possibilities and we can guide you to exactly the one YOU want.