NDR films AnglerPilot in Southern Norway

Early 2014 I received a surprise phone call. The voice in the other end claimed to be from German national TV channel NDR (Nord-Deutsche Rundfunk) and wanted to visit me with his film team that summer to make a short TV program. Surprised and a little unbelieving, I said yes. It proved to be true and was confirmed with an official email.

We met during summer 2014…


AnglerPilot ready for filming with NDR by mandalselva.

AnglerPilot ready for filming with NDR by mandalselva.


We enjoyed three glorious days filming in great weather and wonderful surroundings. Flyfishing in the mountains of Åseral, coastal fishing in Lindesnes and salmon fishing in the great Mandalselva. The film was shown in April of 2015 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

So here’s the finished result. I am really to have been filmed by such a professional team (their camera cost as much as a house!) and feel lucky to have had such an opportunity. I hope you enjoy it!



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