Sea fishing

The Sea. Super clear turquoise water breeds host to an array of fish species. From cod to pollack to coalfish to the silver sea trout to bass. Whether you like fishing for dinner, hunting species or trying to break a personal record, the sea where we’re based can offer something for everyone. Stocks are plenty full, a massive variety of fish species and they can grow to dazzling sizes.

I’ll paint the picture. Think about it, standing there, rod in hand on the cleanist sandy beach or on a boat dancing in the gentle waves, the clearest blue water. Dazzling views all around you, casting your bait, lure or fly out to large shoals of fish. Are you in?!

Whilst out with us, we find joy in preparing your catch into a delightful lunch or dinner. From the water to the pan onto your plate in just 20mins, now that’s what I call fresh!