Fly fishing is a beautiful and majestic form of fishing, it may not be the easiest, but it’s just that that gives it a sense of satisfaction. There are plenty of both articles and videos one can read and watch, but learning how to fly fish in this manner often takes time and can be extremely frustrating. Nothing can replace tuition with a competent and able instructor. You learn the right techniques quicker, rather than learning the wrong way in the beginning, which is then difficult to change.

I am an European Fly Fishing Association (EFFA) and International Federation For Flyfishers (IFFF) certified Fly Fishing Guide, have been an Instructor both in fly casting and fly fishing techniques since the age of 21, have had numerous pedagogical courses and work as mentor/trainer for all ages. I feel this experience has given me the nescessary tools to be a very competent instructor.

My teaching methods are based on adapting what I have learnt to each individual student. I believe that a good teacher should be adaptable enough so that they adjust their methods to meet the student’s needs and not their own.


All courses generally comprise of four motions:

  1. a theoretical presentation
  2. preparation of equipment/optimizing your own equipment
  3. dry training on or off the water
  4. use your new learnt skills – practical fishing

Courses available for all ages are:

  • Single Handed Fly Casting at Beginner level (Overhead casting + roll cast)
  • Single Handed Fly Casting at Intermediate level (single + double haul, single + double spey)
  • Single Handed Fly Casting at Higher level (presentation casts – reach, parachute, steeple, side)
  • Two Handed Fly Casting at Beginner level (Single Spey and Underhand casting)
  • Two Handed Fly Casting at Intermediate level (Double Spey and Casting Sinking Lines)
  • Two Handed Fly Casting at Higher level (Snap T, Snap C, Snake Roll, Perry Poke)
  • Salmon Fishing in running water
  • Dry Fly Fishing
  • Nymph Fishing
  • Streamer Fishing
  • Saltwater Sea Trout Fishing
  • Saltwater Fly Fishing for other species
  • Fly Fishing at Night
  • Fly Fishing in Stillwater
  • Fly Fishing in Running Water
  • Flytying for all species and waters

The above courses can be combined. They can also be combined with guiding, but please bear in mind that they then will not be as indepth as if you choose a course on it’s own – which I recommend.

Prices are as follows:

½ day course – Kr 2000 for 1 person then Kr 500 per person hereafter
1 day course – Kr 4000 for 1 person then Kr 1000 per person hereafter

Equipment of type ‘House of Hardy‘ can be provided if necessary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.