Tourist Information

Here I will hopefully give you alot of the necessary information to make the planning of your future visit as simple as possible. As with all of the places in the world, there are multiple possibilities, but below is a simplified selection based on my own experiences. More detailed resources and information can be found here at Visit Norway or Lindesnes Tourist Information.

How to get here?

By Plane

The closest airport to where I am situated, Kjevik, Kristiansand is approximately 45min away. Otherwise Stavanger 2.5hrs away or Torp, Sandefjord 3hrs away. To get a full description of airlines that land at the respective airports, please use the individual websites. Alternatively, a search engine for airline flights e.g. momondo

By Ferry or Cruise Ship

Kristiansand port is my closest, approximately 30min away. From mainland Europe one has a few alternatives. From Hirtshals, Northern Denmark comes Colorline and Fjordline. For people wanting to travel from the UK, a ferry from Harwich, England will take you to Esbjerg, South-West Denmark and then it’s a picturesque 3hr drive to Hirtshals. Why not have a little time in Danmark, good fishing there too (though not as good as here)! Alternatively from Harwich to Rotterdam, Holland and a 9hr drive upto Hirtshals.

There are multiple cruise ships that visit Kristiansand in the space of the year. For a full view over which, please check here (it’s in Norwegian, but the ship’s name is furthest left).

Where To Stay

The region in which I am situated can offer a wide variety of accomodation. Whether you enjoy the luxury of a hotel, the quaint experience of a Norwegian cabin in the forest or the adventure of camping in the wild, just like the fishing, there’s something for everyone.

Firstly I must mention a law in Norway called ’Friluftsloven’ or ’The law of Outdoor Recreation’. Simply put, this law allows everyone to travel, pick berries, nuts, mushrooms and camp anywhere for upto 2 days without the land owner’s permission. Please note that this does not apply to agricultural land, anywhere within 150m of a dwelling or where it comes in the way for others. This is a general definition, so for further information please visit here.

Below is a handful of places that I can recommend with focus on fishing possibilities. For more examples, please visit the Tourist Information websites above:

Adventure Norway is a naturally beautiful and warm Outdoor Activity Centre situated on the banks of the Mandal river known for it’s salmon and sea trout. Camping and lavvos. Also not forgetting a larger house to rent on the banks of a large trout, sea trout, salmon lake. There’s also plenty of other trout lakes and streams close by.

Trollaktiv an activity rich Outdoor Activity Centre situated a stone’s throw from the upper reaches of the River Otra. It’s here where you can experience the unique bleka and ’marble trout’ of Norway. As well as plenty of brown trout in the river, surrounding lakes and streams. Cabins, apartments, lavvos.

Sjøsanden Camping a lovely area comprising of apartments, cabins and camping. Situated in Mandal’s forest, Furulunden with it’s tame deer. Lots of beaches and rocks with fantastic sea trout and other sea fishing. A small walk from Mandal centre.

Sandnes Camping a peaceful camping site emphasizing on personal service and a well kept site. Situated right by the lower reaches of the river Mandal and not too far from Mandal town and the coast. A good place for sea trout in the evening and the odd salmon. Plenty of smaller trout. Some trout lakes a small walk from the campsite.

Mjåland Farm a camping site set on the banks of the River Mandal’s middle stretches. Right by Mandal River’s Salmon Centre. Plenty of trout lakes a short hike from the camp site.

Tregde Holiday Centre is a facility rich holiday centre right by the sea and some of the best sea trout/sea fishing in the south of Norway. Though there are also some trout lakes, both large and small. Not too far Mandal town and the Mandal River.

Getting Around

The things that attract most people to Norway are many, but the sparsely populated landscape and untouched nature some of them. Due to this fact public transport’s offer isn’t necessarily as wide as in other countries, but there are still many options. The easiest is either to rent a car or drive over with your own using the ferries. Taxis are expensive but buses and the train are relaxing, comfortable and cost efficient. For travelling from Airports or Docks, please check out their individual websites or alternatively the Tourist Information Websites noted at the top of this page.